Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Shadow People Part I

I had never been able to shower without closing the bathroom door, screw that I had needed to lock the fucker before I could shampoo myself without jumping like a choirboy at rehearsal. Pretty fucking weird I know, but then what isn’t fucking weird when you are scared that shadows are alive and following you. As long as I can remember I had been afraid of what I had called in my younger years “the darks” and my father had called “shut the hell up” and “look at yourself, you pathetic bed wetter, learn how to use that dick or I’ll reclaim it.” But all that is over now, I’m cured. Dr. Connors has worked a lot with me and now I’m convinced that I was just “transferring” or whatever the fuck those head-shrinkers call it. The only reason I keep locking the door now is because of habit. I mean seriously, you don’t just stop doing something that you’ve done for 24 something odd years overnight. But I wasn’t scared of my shadow people anymore. No siree, I’m cured now. I mean sure I still get startled occasionally and I did add a bit of urine to the water going down the drain when I thought I heard the shower curtain rustling this morning and couldn’t see because of the damn shampoo in my eyes. I was just startled, that doesn’t mean that I’m not cured or that the shadow people are back. Fuck. What the hell am I saying, I meant I didn’t “think” that the shadow people were back, they never existed in the first place, me and Dr. Connors settled that.

To be continued . . .